Priyanka, Imperial College London 

Shachi really helped me streamline my entire application process — right from shortlisting colleges to selecting relevant courses and guiding me with my Personal Statement for each application. She’s been extremely approachable and has helped me through the smallest of issues as well as the bigger challenges one faces while applying abroad.  

However, in a country where we have college counsellors by the dozen, I think what stands out most with Shachi is her unbiased and earnest approach — one that is solely guided by what’s best for you and your future! 

Mansi, University of Warwick: 

My counselling experience with Shachi Jain was fantastic. Since the first day there was a schedule that was followed to complete the applications in time. Through the counselling period she gave me personalised attention. Her inputs were of great help and she supported me throughout the process. The help  through the writing of Essays & the Personal Statement is really appreciated. We kept editing and re-editing them, and not once did ma’am refrain or hesitate from helping. Similarly after I got through the application she prepared a questionnaire and conducted a mock interview to build my confidence. Working with her was a great experience.

Niraj, University of Toronto:

I am extremely thankful to you for the efforts that you have taken for my application. I  appreciate the grind you have put into my application ranging from SOP edits to finalizing my colleges. I got a detailed explanation of all the possible courses in all of the colleges I was applying, which gave me a clear idea as to the course I really wanted to choose taking into consideration my career prospects.  I am also grateful for the time you have put into my application, you kept your schedule very flexible for me which made the application process easier. I have now gotten accepted into 3 out of the 5 colleges I have applied to and I am still awaiting a decision from another college. I never expected to get into some of these top universities and I believe that our efforts have paid off and I give full credits to you. 

Vedant, University of Exeter 

On our first meet, Shachi understood my background and where I wanted to be headed. Its really good to be working with a counsellor who has your best interests in mind. She made sure all her recommendations were aligned with my line of thought and worked best for my future. I am headed to University and couldn’t be happier. I would most definitely recommend her services.