We help with undergraduate and postgraduate university applications to USA, UK, Canada & Australia


Should I apply for a Masters program right after college? Which colleges to apply to? When to start the application process? What should be included in my university essays? What tests to take? 

Whether you’re completing your last year as an undergraduate or are a professional, these are 

typical questions you will confront while navigating the sometimes confusing and time-consuming process of postgraduate and Masters applications to overseas universities. 

Our aim is to simplify the process and provide support right through the application journey. We work with each student, understand their aspirations, profiles, needs and then assist in choosing the right universities and application strategy. 

As part of the application, we assist students with: 

·  Choosing the right universities

·  Formulating an admissions strategy

·  Essays and personal statements

·  Holistic profile building 

·  Individual college requirements

·  Help with recommendation letters

·  Interview preparation

·  Checking application forms  

·  Scholarship applications