We help choose boards like IB and help in profile development for future university applications


High school students and their parents are faced with a multitude of options ahead of them. With a number of International Schools [like the IB and IGCSE] and Indian Boards available, parents often find it difficult to decide what will be appropriate for their child. This can start right from choosing which curriculum to follow to what subjects will be best suited for your future career aspirations. Parents also wonder what more their child can do to get a head start and edge in the competitive university applications process. 

We work with each student to understand their aspirations, interests and then assist in holistic profile and individual development. 

We provide guidance for students from 9th and 10th grade with: 

·  Choosing which curriculum to opt for 

·  Subject choices

·  Holistic profile development 

·  Summer schools 

·  Time management